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Choose our law firm for our strong track record. Sites Law Firm, PLLC offers law service in Keyser, WV that focuses on civil litigation, real estate law, right-of-way disputes, and more. Our managing member, Jason Sites, is an experienced lawyer with a confident, aggressive style of representation. He is not satisfied until his clients are satisfied, and he strives to achieve the results they want.

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Choose a lawyer that represents the interests of those in our community. Our firm takes the time to review legal contracts and complex agreements to ensure that your interests are protected. We understand the complexities of civil litigation, and we know what to look for when it comes to language and text that could end up costing you financially.

A personal injury case is about more than the final settlement. We know that you are hurting, and your family could be facing a financial shortfall due to your inability to work. Start a conversation with our team today and tell us more about the charges you face. Our practice of criminal law allows us to represent you when someone accuses you of wrongdoing.

While the charges against you may seem simple enough to understand, there are a number of procedures and processes that must be followed to ensure a fair judgment. A minor mistake could become a miscarriage of justice. You need a criminal lawyer in place that knows what to look for and does everything they can to protect your rights. Schedule an appointment today and learn more about our approach to litigation.

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Sites Law Firm, PLLC is a small legal practice in Keyser, WV, that has been serving the community for eight years. Jason Sites has nearly 20 years of experience in law and a proven history of success. He fights tirelessly for his clients and provides sound legal guidance on issues ranging from real estate to personal injury law. Contact him today to book an appointment.

Contact us today to learn more about our law service and our approach to litigation. We proudly serve clients in Keyser and Petersburg, West Virginia, and surrounding communities.


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